Weiners and whatnot: I went to Vienna

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If you follow me on instagram (@avocamilla), you’ll be well aware of the fact that I am currently on a little holiday in Vienna, Austria. We had a week off of vet school and we thought, why not?



Vienna is a spenny country so what follows is a list of things we did, which were within budget. Enjoy.


YOU CAN ATTEND THE OPERA FOR 3 EUROS: standing room tickets are 3 euros each. Yeah, you heard me. It’s 100% worth it for the experience. Get there 80 minutes early and  BAM, you’re in! We saw a production of Lucia de Lammermoor, which was tragic (I think), and very cool to see. So opera, tick.


Sofia and Tiani!

FREE WALKING TOUR: don’t pay, like, 30 euro for a guided tour. Go on a free walking tour – you see all the major landmarks of the city, and hear their history, for free, baby! The site we used is: https://www.goodviennatours.eu 


SCHONNBRUNN PALACE: Ok so this one is a bit different – you have to pay an entrance fee to see inside. But you can totally get a student discount and it’s quite nice to look around? I mean, I enjoyed the history and the audio guide, plus there’s loads of paintings worthy of classical art meme content to laugh at. The GARDENS are amazing and DEFINITELY worth visiting, also there is a huge monument you can climb up to, where you can see the whole city. The gardens also have a zoo, and several botanical gardens. It’s pretty neat. We spent a whole afternoon here.


HUNDERTWASSER HOUSE: a cool area of crazy architecture to go visit! There’s also a “village” complex with cute shops and funky cafes. I liked this a lot.


NACHSMARKT: pretty rad. Lots of interesting things to look at and sample. Very colourful, and a man told my friend that she looked like shakira.


Okay so here is where it gets crappy.

  • the university botanical gardens (not the ones at the palace), are free, but there was NO PLANTS.
  • the state library is gorgeous, but you have to pay a lot to get in, and you can’t touch any books.
  • the street art passage in the Museums Quartier is non-existent. We travelled for an HOUR to try finding it, only to discover it consists of a single bridge.
  • The fun fair was NO FUN, as everything closed at 7pm.
  • climbing the 379 stairs of the tallest tower – fun, but, at the top, you can’t actually….see anything. Is the climb worth it?

Middle ground: if you are a horsey person, then attending the morning training session of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna is AMAZING, and worth the money (again there is a student discount). I LOVED it. Sofia and Tiani, however, were not so keen – they implied that dressage training was not so fun to watch if you didn’t understand why trotting on the spot was so impressive.


2 Places really stood out to me:

1 is the Tian bistro (NOT it’s sister michelin star restaurant). It is all veggie, and the food is bloody AMAZING. Like, so so so good. Also I loved the decor.

2 is the Simply Raw bakery. I had multiple foodgasms in there. Oh my lord. Their smoothie bowl was to die for, their raw cupcake was so creamy and delicious. Genuinely – I hate raw food that masquerades as real food, with ingredients like blended cashews or whatever…but this, this was amazing. I can die happy now.


Oh, we also went to cafe Hawlka, which is a famous meeting spot for artistes of old. It’s a busy spot to visit, and has a yummy vegetarian strudel to try; but if you can’t get in, don’t worry too much.

Overall, I loved the city. It was full of light, and so many interesting things to do. If I would come again, I would like to visit the chocolate museum, and maybe the Freud museum – but I think we did a good job of seeing pretty much every main site that the city has to offer.


Remember to drink wine this week.



Briefly, Budapest


My experience of Budapest was a heady mix of aching feet and awe at the beauty of the city.


  • Food
  • Scenery
  • History
  • Cheap


  • Effect of large quantity of dairy on Cam’s stomach.

Admittedly, the latter problem was my own fault and I can’t really blame the city.