Working 9 to 5: things Dolly Parton never mentioned

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Good morning, friends!

Wow, it’s been a wild three weeks. Turns out that vet school doesn’t leave much (any) free time for doing things that are fun, like writing blog posts or sleeping. 

After speaking to various family members in a panic about my lack of time for myself/ exercise/ relaxation –  things that are very important to me as a highly-strung kind of person – the overwhelming opinion was that I need to

make time.

I shit you not! 


It’s taken me over a decade to get some kind of faint grasp on my own mental health and how to manage it.

And then vet school comes along and thinks it can just mess with my schedule???? 

I don’t think so, Karen.

Image result for we can't all be neurotypical karen

The infamous “Karen” meme.

I know myself. I know that I will work TOO HARD and burn EVERYTHING OUT and then I’ll cry and drop out and it’ll just turn into a big old mess.

Sound familiar to you?


(Sure, go ahead, work every hour god sends. See how good you feel after like, three days.)

So here are my helpful (haha) tips for dealing with a very busy schedule and not losing your mind 

  1. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Ask yourself. I personally am an early bird! I can’t function after 9pm, seriously. But anyway, whichever one you identify the most with, capitalise on it.

Stay up later, and sleep one or two hours later to make up for it. Or go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I have started to set my alarm for 5:50am so I can go to bed around 9pm (which is when I get tired, I am SO OLD) and do a little bit of studying before school.

Just don’t try to do both. Do one, and balance the other. Or else you’ll be like this candle, which you’ll notice is burning at both ends.

Image result for candle burning both ends

Overwork, represented by a candle. 


2. Which hobbies do you NEED for your sanity?

E.g. I NEED to exercise, otherwise I have no energy and I turn into a giant bag of nerves. I swear, exercise keeps me sane. (Even if you don’t like exercise, may I recommend an online yoga video? There’s some last last for like three minutes and it really does help. Or walking. Body moving = happy head.)

BUT whatever it is that floats your boat: maybe it’s bug-collecting or reading or scrapbooking, or cooking or something, plan it in for at least once a week. Then you have something to look forward to.

3. Realise that:

You’re not going to be productive or even able to work if you don’t make time for yourself.


You’ll get sick and then you’ll HAVE to take time off and then you’ll be even more stressed because you can’t work at all.

Plus, it really degrades your mental health if you turn into a kind of pyjama-wearing, desk-dwelling, robot machine.

(This is why I like to take my work to coffee shops – I think it’s really important to step outside of your desk or your classroom or your office and get some fresh air in them lungs. Trust me, you need it. Plus what would I do without my vanilla soy latte (I hate myself too) (oh wait there’s no Starbucks in Croatia. Wtf.)).

In conclusion

  • You gotta reorganise your life. If it’s more work you need to do, make your days longer and rearrange accordingly.
  • Make time for things you need in your life or else suffer the consequences.

Thank you for listening!! As always, feel free to disregard everything I have said if you don’t agree with it!

Image result for happy shiba

A happy Shiba Inu to brighten your day! 



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